Rescue workers and journalists fall on top of each other in a stampede after the crowd panicked when someone shouted that another section of building might collapse on Friday. (Kevin Frayer/Associated Press)

1.Huge and Extended Power Failure 2. Worldwide Economic Collapse 3.Nuclear War 4. Nuclear Terrorism 5. Pandemic 6. Artificial Inteligence Run Amok 7.Huge Astronomical Event 8.Biological War or Terrorisim 9. Huge Narural Disaster 10. Tyranical World Government

White House Orders US To Prepare For Solar Flare

The White House has finally aknowledged the danger of space weather. Obama has issued an executive order to prepare the country for massave solar flares. Huge recent solar activity is a direct threat to our power grid. These ejections of magnetic particles can actually disable any device that runs on electricity.

Scientists Warn Of Major California Quake This Week

earthquake swarm

As of Sept 30, 2016 there have been more than 200 small earthquakes beneath the Salton Sea in Southern California. This has lead scientists to warn that the San Andreas fault could fire up. These cluster quakes have led the U.S. Geological Survey to predict an increased chance for a magnitude-7 or greater earthquake. They…

Which Presidential Candidate Would Most Likely Lead Us Into WW3 ?


One of the big questions of this years Presidential Race is who would most likely lead us into war. Tensions world wide are very high and nations seem to me choosing sides. A big fear about Donald Trump is his lack of governmental or military experience. He is considered a wild card. Someone who can…

We Are The Champions Mandala Effect


The Mandala Effect has struck again. CHeck out Queen’s, “We Are The Champions.” At the very end we are left hanging. In an epic ending Fredie Mercury sings , “We Are The Champions…..” but fails to finish with ” of the world.” No one has ever heard this version before except that now every copy…

Life WAS Like A Box Of Chocolates ?


Has anyone noticed that history is being altered. I’m talking way more than history being re=written by the victors, someone seems to be going back and altering reality. It’s called the Mandela Effect and it is nowhere more obvious that in the movie Forest Gump. Everyone I know remembers Forest recounting what his mother told…

Your Wealth May Be Measured In Cans Of Food

Economic Collapse is a scary thing.  Since I can remember it has been predicted.  Wild predictions come on an almost daily basis.  I remember watching a Tony Robbins video about economic collapse 5 years that was so convincing I closed my stock accounts.  Once I pulled out the markets have done nothing but climb.  So…

Huge Power Outages Can Be Deadly


One of the most important and deadly problems the world faces is failing power grids.  we have become dependant on referigeration on transportation for our food supplies.  If the power were to go out for two months many people would starve to death . Our Power Grids are ridiculously vulnerable.  A strong Eltro Magnetic Pulse…