Mandela Effect

This could be the sign we have been waiting for.  This could be the change so many have talked about.  It seems that our very definition of reality is being altered before our very eyes. Things that are etched in our collective memory are being changed. Impossible but true. One famous line from the movie Forest Gump, “Life Is like a box of chocolates,” is now “Life WAS like a box of chocolates.”   And this is not only altered in some new version, You can pull out a 20 yr old VHS tape and you will hear WAS instead of IS.

The question is HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  Several theories have emerged:

  1. We have merged with an alternate reality.  This theory would assume that there are many “versions” of our current reality running con-currently with the one we know.  Somehow, perhaps through CERN or some manipulation of the Quantum universe we have been bumped into a slightly altered reality.  One that proceeded from these alterations.
  2. God is subtly trying to signal people that he is alive and all powerful and we should wake up.
  3. Satan is showing his power. By getting people to doubt their memories they will doubt their beliefs and the nature of the universe.  A grand trick by the master of deception.
  4. Perhaps someone has succeeded at time travel and when they alter the past we see the results


Whatever the explaination there are more and more Mandela effects being discovered every day . Here are some of the most interesting ones so far…

  1. Nelson Mandela’s death.  The namesake for the Mandela Effect many people remember Mandala dying in jail when in today’s history he died long after being released.
  2. Forest Gump  Suddenly IS has changed to WAS in the famous line, “Life is like a box of Chocolates.”
  3. ‘Lion lays down with the lamb’ is now ‘Wolf lays down with the lamb’
  4. The Lord’s prayer has been altered
  5. Star Wars line, Luke, I’m your father.
  6. Berenstain Bears
  7. Interview with the Vampire
  8. If you build it HE will come
  9. The ending of “We Are The Champions”
  10. Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz has a gun
  11. ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ is now ‘Magic Mirror on the wall’

Perhaps it is time to realize that our perception of Space and Time is only that, a perception.