Economic Collapse is a scary thing.  Since I can remember it has been predicted.  Wild predictions come on an almost daily basis.  I remember watching a Tony Robbins video about economic collapse 5 years that was so convincing I closed my stock accounts.  Once I pulled out the markets have done nothing but climb.  So I am always a skeptic.  Still collapse has happened before and it will happen again.  Nothing backs our currency but agreed upon beliefs so a lot of major events could sent it tumbling.

How does one prepare? First off know that no paper money is really safe.  Even if its backed by the FDIC and they do come through the Dollar may only be worth pennies.  Land seems safe but property taxes may skyrocket before a collapse. Gold and Silver may have value and may not.  Food , water shelter and booze will be highly sought after..In fact basic necessities may be the hidden wealth of a post collapse world.