One of the big questions of this years Presidential Race is who would most likely lead us into war. Tensions world wide are very high and nations seem to me choosing sides. A big fear about Donald Trump is his lack of governmental or military experience. He is considered a wild card. Someone who can not be predicted. Whereas Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime under the watchful eye of the press and elected officials. We know Hillary will basically “go with the flow.” She will follow the basic strategy laid out by Corporate, Military and Government officials no matter how brutal, unjust or uncalled for it is. She will, we are assured, follow the plan. That plan seems to be leading to more conflict and perhaps regime change with Iran and others but it is the standard plan on the US.

Trump on the other hand promises no more regime-change wars. Trump promises to bring or foreign based troops home unless countries start paying for their presence. Trump does promise a fast and decisive win against ISIS. Trump seems unfazed at the use of nukes. Trump seems to think a strong chest-beating America will restore order world-wide.

While one candidate is entrenched in the Military Industrial Complex to the point of not really exerting a lot of self-will the other has so much self-will he could be called arrogant which is dangerous.

Luckily the president of the United States, although Commandeer in Chief of the Military and able to order strikes , cannot declare war without the approval of congress. And Congress can always de-fund any military action the Commander starts.

In conclusion it is really impossible to say which candidate would most likely lead us into WW3. Let’s pray for wisdom on the part of our leaders and a ne age where we can let go of greed and learn to love each other.