The short answer is YES !!!  Of course it will depend on many many factors.  In an all out exchange of our biggest bombs there would not be a lot left to survive with.  After the major destruction, the nuclear contamination would linger for thousands of years, poisoning the air and water. But in a more limited war it might not be nearly as bad.

There are major questions in determining if you can survive.

1. How close are you to the blast ?   Those nearby will melt and those even 10 miles away could severely burnt by the heat.  If you can get underground and stay there for 3 months you may stand a chance. You must stay inside for a minimum 48 hours and it’s best to stay in for 8-9 days.

2. Do you have iodine. Iodine will protect your thyroid from absorbing the radiation.

3. Are you in good health? The radiation attacks the immune system allowing cancer to take over. The better your overall health the better your chances.

Any nuclear war will be very dangerous but quite possibly not fatal. Especially if you are a good distance from the epicenter and a little prepared.