Given the Situation

We seem to be approaching a showdown with N. Korea. Their missiles keep getting better, their reach is getting longer and they are not slowing down. How is the mainstream world to respond ? Obama had a long history of essentially ignoring the problem. We have set sanctions and sanctions, when they reach a level where they are starving the population will be destabilizing. But is this the N. Korea we want to negoriate with ? The one who is cornered and desperate.

Perhaps Trump would rather warn and then attack. The problem here is N. Korea has one of the largest armies on the planet and S. Korea’s capitol Seoul is very close to the border. Causalities from a per-emptive strike have been estimated at 1 million S. Koreans.

The other catastrophic possible outcome would be China suddenly siding with N.Korea The entire area is pretty volatile right now with Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Philippines all within striking range.

The best plan is to stay cautiously involved. Let him fire his missiles while we work on consolidating all his neighbors and further sanctioning him. Any kind of military strike is a total roll of the dice. It could lead to a prolonged ground war or even a nuclear strike by one of N. Korea’s silent allies.